It’s a little known fact that the North Star that was overhead when the pyramids were built is not the same star as our North Star now (Polaris). And in about a thousand years, a completely different star will be our North Star. Because of a slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation, the pole star position is not fixed. Our “guiding light” changes. Isn’t this amazing? And poetically beautiful? We’re really curious how a transition on the celestial scale would be marked and celebrated here on Earth. And shouldn’t we be planning that party now?
    JUMP!STAR is that celebration. It’s an attempt to invent the traditions – a thousand years in advance – that can be hypothetically passed down to celebrate the eventual changing of the North Star, and plans for this intergalactic event are getting underway now! Artist George Ferrandi is developing a nighttime festival that will be happening in Washington, D.C. on September 24th, in partnership with Washington Project for the Arts, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be something really special. We think of the whole project as a kind of “social sculpture,” and we want to invite you to be part of it. 
    George is consulting with renowned scientists (including Jana Grcevich from the American Museum of Natural History in New York), and working with some amazing artists to choreograph the dances (Alan Calpe), establish the rhythms (Jee Young Sim), and write the poems (SAITO) of the shifting star. George will be making large-scale, illuminated paper sculptures to celebrate each of the eventual polestars. We’ll be printing fabric, testing starcakes, and hosting lantern-making workshops for months in advance. We’ll be visiting universities and schools and doing demos starting in spring 2016. We’ll be developing facets of the celebration with neighbors and community members and artists and teachers and you, if you’re interested.
    Contact george@jumpstar.love if you and your family or your class or your organization would like to play a larger role. There’s a lot of really fun inventing to be done!
    ***JUMP!STAR is named after Annie Jump Cannon, the Deaf scientist and amazing human credited with determining our star classification system.
    ***JUMP!STAR has gotten a major jump start thanks to the generous support of the Japan-US Friendship Commission.
    JUMP!STAR: SEPTEMBER 24, 2016!! 
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